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    BlackMask is the perfect solution for: skin aging, fine wrinkles and imperfections; oiled skin; clogged pores and dirt; blackheads and 'strawberry nose'.

    BlackMask is the perfect solution for:

    • Skin aging, fine wrinkles and imperfections
    • Oiled skin
    • Clogged pores and dirt  
    • Blackheads and 'strawberry nose'

    BlackMask is a product of natural ingredients for every type of skin. The mask quickly and easily removes unwanted black dots and pimples at an affordable price at home. Can be used by men and women aged over 15 years.

    The cleansing mask is black and used to remove acne on the forehead, nose, chin, blackheads and moss on the face. The super-active mask formula allows deep cleaning. Leaving the skin fresh, without clogged pores and ultra-soft to touch!


    1) Wash your face with warm water and soap and wait until your skin dries.
    2) Apply a layer of mask to the areas of the person you want to clean. This is usually the '' T-Zone '' - the forehead, nose and chin. Apply a thick layer with slight pressure.
    Attention: Make a few attempts with a small amount of mask to find the optimal amount for your skin. The too thick layer dries slowly, and the too thin can not remove all black dots and dirt.

    3) Relax until the mask has dried completely. Typically, it takes 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the thickness of the applied layer.
    4) After the mask is completely dry, gently remove it ("peel off") starting from bottom to top. Black dots and dirt stick to the mask and are pulled from the pores of your face. You can easily spot them on the already removed mask. Clean your face again with water and a dry cloth.

    Clean with warm water or a cloth if there is a mask on your face. Repeat according to the needs of your skin, no more than 2-3 times a week. This way you will always have clean and fresh skin, free of dirt and black dots, at an affordable price.
    This product is not intended for diagnosis, treatment or prevention of illness.

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    Veramente fà la pelle del viso morbidissima.  Anche il mio amico scherza con me che avrebbe provato perché era contento dell'effetto sulla mia pelle :)
    From: Guest | Date: 11/14/2017 2:14 PM
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    Sono molto contenta! La mia pelle è già più pulita e morbida,e non è grassa come prima. Non ci sono tracce di punte nere.
    From: Guest | Date: 11/14/2017 2:17 PM
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